The future only takes a mind shift

Acquiring is the new hiring


MindShift is a technology scouting service. We help companies overcome the struggle and long processes connected with finding and hiring the right people as well as building fully functional teams that allow you to be the disruption instead of being disrupted.

Much like traditional recruiters find candidates for open positions, we identify and curate startup teams that not only fill a position but also fuel the innovative thinking that built your company into the success it is now.

Every year, the world’s leading companies invest in and acquire multiple startups to stay ahead and dictate the future.

We invite you to do the same.

Our belief


Staying competitive is difficult for any company. Staying relevant in the technology-driven world of today is even harder.

The way we work is changing fast and people organize more often in smaller teams that sometimes burst into companies or small startups. Young people are seeking purpose and more freedom to think outside the box than most companies can handle.

Startups are typically driven by the urge to change and to innovate. They have somehow seen something that they want to do better, fast or totally break up and change how we as human being interact with something.

Disruptions are everywhere and very few companies can see themselves free of a possible disruption in the near future.

There are many examples of great innovation and change being initiated and developed inside, large organization, but way too often the process is simply too slow, too difficult and too risky as failure is the most likely outcome.

Bringing innovative teams closer to your company can be a winning strategy for the future. It doesn’t have to be an investment or an acquisition, but on the other hand why not? If the match is right, why not acquire rather than try to hire a team.

We believe that hiring innovative tech teams through traditional channels and methods is not representative of the pace of the world. You need a team that works from day one. A team that brings already proven innovation to the table and someone who have already shown that they can work together and create great products.

The Process


Step 1





Step 2




Step 3






Early customers pay a fixed price of USD 1,000 monthly with a 6 month commitment and up front payment. This price is only guaranteed for max. 6 months at the time.

What you get:

  1. Up to 3 ongoing technology scouts
  2. Monthly update with startups that match your criteria
  3. Access to our Beta-platform for simple processing and overview

How to get started?

Do this thought experiment for your own organization

1. Reflect on why technology scouting is valuable for your company

Eg. Our industry is changing fast and we see disruptions occur on a daily basis. We wish to stay ahead of this development.

2. Choose the theme of your technology scouting project

Eg. Machine Learning, Big Data, Analytics.

3. Define some parameters to frame the search process

Eg. Geography: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Size of investment: Max 10 million Euro, Size of team: Max 10 people. etc.

4. Describe the best possible outcome

Eg. We would like to find a Scandinavian startup that works with machine learning and big data analytics. The acquisition needs to stay below 10 million Euro and the team should not exceed 10 people.

5. Send this information to MindShift

Mindshift will get back to you and arrange a call to discuss how we can help you getting started with technology scouting.